This post will cover the most timeless and basic pieces one needs to create a well-rounded and classic wardrobe. They are definitely investment pieces, so invest darling, invest! LET’S GO!

  1. A Little Black Dress: This is the basic of fashion. The LBD goes with various accessories and other garments hence suitable for different occasions! Can be dressed up or down. Why is it a classic? you would ask, like most timeless pieces its versatile. Secondly, black dress works for every woman, regardless of weight and height, it’s truly a flattering dress that slims the figure. Lastly you can wear it with any color, compliments it’s versatile property. Coco said black wipes out everything else around and isn’t she right!

2. Denim: An interesting fact I learnt in my fashion class this week, Denim is fabric actually cotton that’s woven! Denim is such a general name that can be; pants, skirts, jackets, shirts or shorts. All jeans are denim but not all denims are jeans, in other words jeans are denim pants. Why is it a classic? All generations love denim for their comfort, durability and great styling. Denim is timeless. Can be worn to any event no matter the occasion you are dressing up for; party, work or casual outings. While shopping for denim avoid any trendy frills, liked colored denim, acid wash, added hardware etc. A denim jacket is a must have and classic wash jeans(pants)in the cut of your own choice, don’t leave out black jeans too quite important. Well jeans are versatile and they come in different styles and are the most easy to style. Everyone can do it!

white top+ printed blazer+ black ripped jeans,

pattern mixing+ heels+ boyfriend jeans,

Graphic Tee+ jacket+ Frayed edge jeans,

off-shoulder+ heels+ high-rise skinny jeans.

Denim on denim works as long as you make sure there’s a good amount of contract between the two pieces, Darker jacket+ lighter jeans.

3. Perfect white dress shirt: can go with any thing. It’s the workhorse of any wardrobe. Can be dressed up for official function or down for casual functions. They are the to make you look polished, put together, effortlessly cool and stylish.

Be creative with your shirt! if you have a long one or your man’s, you can make a dress, hehe. It’s not only limited to shirts only but also white v-shaped top, white button up and down shirt might work. Can be styled with pencil skirt.

4. A versatile Chambray shirt: It’s cotton plain-weave fabric. Chambray is typically light blue in color, may look like denim but lighter and is woven differently. Pair your chambray top with colored denim

5. Cardigans: type of a sweater. They are such a timeless fashion piece. I love cardigans, because they can be styled to look any way you want them for. They can be dressed or dressed down, they are often used as shorthand for looking frumpy, a hot mess. Not only does it keep you cozy but also can make you look taller and slimmer. They are mostly good layering pieces, but are unflattering for heavier women coz they lack shape and structure, so lumps and bumps show but a better choice is the blazer with construction. Be sure to pick several different cuts, fabrics and styles so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

They can be worn with a little black dress

6. Well-fitted Black blazer: one of the most understated pieces in some of our wardrobes is the blazer, I fall under this category, I have never taken a liking in them but, I will surely invest in one . Blazer is also an easy garment to dress up and down from classic tweed or black to on trend-oversized it’s a plus on any outfit. A nice structured blazer works like a charm on any outfit. Why black? well black goes with any color, makes sure the blazer is fit-in, it will not only make you look fabulous but also flatters your shape. You can invest in other types as well.

7. (Tan) timeless trench coat: Is a good item to invest in, when shopping, look for styles that hit below your butt and are cut loose through the sleeves and shoulders, so youโ€™ll be able to layer pieces underneath. Tan is the perfect color since it can be paired with almost anything.

8. Scarfs: are one of those things that most people donโ€™t specifically set out to buy, but always end up with anyway. My mind is blown by how much more stylish, intentional, and complete an outfit can look with just the simple addition of a scarf.

9. Must have shoes: All white sneakers, yes go for a pair with less details on it and trust me there are one and a million ways you can style them up, they can be combined with literally any outfit.

Loafers are comfortable and trendy btw. They are classic and formal. You are to decide if you wanna go open or closed.

Black Pumps are a must have, they will serve during your graduation to wedding functions to your first job, every girl ought to have these pair of shoes and black in color! There are variety of inches so if you aren’t a heel person, you are accommodated.

Boots and stylish flat shoes they convenient and comfortable.

white sneakers outfit

And finally to conclude an everyday bag is important just find what works best for you and build your wardrobe and style, do not forget to throw in some simple jewelry here and there.

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What is really the true meaning of timeless fashion, everybody loves talking about those classic, timeless and essential pieces, which fits everyone well, its comfortable, safe and save a hella lot of money; it’s a good investment in a wardrobe. Timeless fashion is the basic building block of a well-rounded closet.

If you are interested in classic staples for your wardrobe, go for simple and elegant fashion aesthetic that helps you look fabulous and boosts your confidence without breaking the bank. Get to know the fashion brands that produce quality timeless fashion pieces, so that when you are out shopping you know exactly what to be on the look out for. Moreover most common fashion shopping tips for building a great wardrobe, is to base it on timeless foundation pieces and then add trendier clothes each season. It saves money; you waste less on poorly made clothes that only last a year or two in both style and wear. I used to be a victim of this! In other terms, you must have direction as you shop for your clothing.

Anyhu to answer the question timelessness in fashion is slang that covers various designs that have survived decades and they haven’t gone out of style neither trend, they have survived the fast pace of fashion, and are good and true as now as they were when created.

Some of the pieces we celebrate today have not been conceived with timeless built-in features. For some were initially designed for specific purpose not necessarily related to fashion for example Converse All Stars were conceived for playing basketball, but they didnโ€™t become an iconic product until they were adopted by the punk movement.” It was the same for Ray Ban Aviators; They were made for a medical use in the beginning, protecting your eyes from the sun, but they became the sunglasses for those who wanted to look like rock stars, when real rock stars actually started to use them for protection from the flashing cameras.

I believe that to achieve timeless fashion you need; simplicity, good investment and originality. Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance as Coco Chanel puts it, go simple and you will never regret it. While at it experiment, there’s no formula really and no end. Lets learn to invest in our wardrobes, don’t possess an expensive taste yet you are a merciless victim of penny-pinching, normalize spending on quality items. Spend having in mind that the item purchased will serve you and you can always repair it. Think in this lane, if our parents or older siblings never invested in quality would there be some hand me down clothes! there are some classic pieces out there much as we are in the 21st century, lol! I do have few items my elder sister gave me about four years ago and are still in good shape, quality my people quality, I can’t emphasize this more guys. Let your creative side be authentic, be yourself at all cost. Must I say don’t be a full time follower of trends; don’t focus on trends too much, a few here and there won’t do harm though.

For timeless fashion your sense of style has more to do with knowing what works for you and sticking to it than it does your society. Not letting your age or society decide what you are to wear, but of course there’s the question of decency, it’s subjective; you just don’t let “what you are supposed to wear” dictate how you should present yourself to the world. Timeless dressing is about being true to who you are, not listening to someone else’s vision of who you should be.

Much as the saying goes Fashion is change, you can’t keep on changing your whole entire wardrobe every season with every changing trend. It’s exhausting, expensive with a lot of confusion and above all you keep on losing yourself. Timeless fashion might turn out to be the answer to today’s fast moving fashion, with trends being released every microsecond! Therefore there’s need for a blueprint, guidelines rather on how to create an awesome timeless and classic wardrobe; that in turn forms the basis of your style.

Have you ever sat and wondered how amazing it would be as you look back at some of the old photos of the younger you and guess what you see timeless elegance, you see someone who felt comfortable in their own skin and authentic! Probably that’s my driving force what about you?

In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic, an original! do you?!

Stick around for my next post I will be dropping those items one by one on the guidelines and different ways to style them.

#JUST GO SIMPLE BUT WITH ATTITUDE #Never goes out of style.



Sometimes when told to clearly state your style as a person you might not know exactly what to say or probably you get a mixture of feelings, confusion eeeh…Its just not coming, don’t worry we’ve all been there, it an identity crisis I would term it; an identity crisis of style.

Other times, the trends are too many to keep up with. It becomes tedious, you just might give up and frankly end up giving zero fucks! Well life happens to all of us, but worry no more I am here for you; to give you hope to finding your style. Hopefully by the end of the article you would have found your place, if not free birds exist! lol

As stated in my previous article fashion is popular styles of clothing, hair decoration or behavior. Fashion trends are expressions of trends. They are socio-culturally grounded โ€“ in aesthetic spheres, mostly by means of visual and haptic characteristics applied to clothing and apparel products and are often considered fads or short-term trends, as google puts it. They keep on changing seasonally, making them tiresome to keep up with for some of us.

There are many styles that exist too, we might find ourselves in more than one. What some do is, incorporate a few thing to the already existing styles, to come up with our own unique styles. Others prefer to conform to one style, its a very bold and assertive move but, must I say, it might end up monotonous- boring and exhausting. It also goes without saying when you find yourself in more than one type, the dominating one is your style. Don’t shy away from spicing up your style once in a while.

Finding a style that is uniquely your own can help you feel more confident, comfortable, empowered and above all more you coz this is your taste. Therefore take your time to find your personal style and find a look that certainly stands for your unique personality.

I know the aim of fashion is to look classy, elegant, and unique to impeccable degree in dressing, at times we must admit it helps to have some guidelines. Hope this helps you narrow down your ideal style and feel as empowered and educated than ever! Let me take you through some common types of fashion styles

Street fashion very common. Its associated with youth culture, mostly seen in major urban center. Streetwear become popular in the 1990’s. It’s casual and incorporates comfortable yet trendy clothing such as logo T-shirts and crop-tops, hoodies, baggy pants and expensive sneakers. Has it’s roots in California and Skate culture but also draws inspiration from hip-hop fashion. Street wears is a distinctive style of street fashion. Followers of the latest trends in streetwear are known as hype-beasts and many go to great heights to get the limited edition designer baseball caps, hoodies, sneakers and so on… The street approach to style and fashion is often based on individualism.

Casual its comfortable and relaxed, the most comfortable! Its dress code includes jeans, T-shirts even skirts and sneakers or flat boots and cardigans among others. It compliments other styles such as streetwear, preppy and sporty.

Classic this one is timeless and beautiful but simple, commonly known as official/ formal, its looking your best and professional; it incorporates elements of work wear eg blazers, pencil skirts and khaki. Consist of fine natural fabrics, leather shoes and handbags, neat hems, neutral colors, simple stripes or minimal detailing. Often the excellent tailoring is the detail that grabs the eyes, then paired with jewelry. Simplicity!

Grunge consist of durable and timeless thrift-store clothing like plaid flannel shirts, oversized knits and feminine dresses styled in a subversive, disheveled way. Its inspired by grunge music and sub-culture, originated in the ’80’s & ’90’s. It includes ripped jeans or tights also ripped denim, unkempt hairstyles and black boots. Worn-looking with a baggy fit, the messier the better.

Vintage refers to clothing that emulates popularized in a previous era, vintage style can refer to any past decade, it pulls looks from 1920’s and 1970’s. When dressing up try to consider implementing best-loved trends of the past such as wide-leg trousers, petticoats, circle dress among others.

Bohemian inspired by free spirits across the global, hippies. Consist of neutral, earthly color scheme and flowy clothing made from natural fabric such as cotton, silk, denim and hemp. Also experiment with bold prints and attention grabbing accessories.

Preppy inspired by the clothing and uniforms traditionally worn at private East Coast Prep schools and Ivy league College. It consist of polo shirts, Oxford shirts, argyle sweaters and socks, wrapped headbands and glasses, boat shoes, blazers, pearls, cardigans and khaki pants. In other words this the casual-official look. The history of this style fascinates me!

Punk inspired by punk rocker styles of ’70’s & ’80’s.Consists of leather jackets, deconstructed blazers, ripped fishnet stockings, skinny jeans, studded vests, skater skirts and chunky black boots. Provocative messaging, band logos among others, patches are common theme in punk clothing. Punk grooming; heavy black eyeliner, Mohawks, dyed hair and spiked hair. This style is favored by rebels and rule breakers, punk clothing is traditionally dark and black. Let your rebellious side shine through your style!

Sporty takes elements of athletic wear for example leggings, bike shorts and oversized sweater shirts.

Artsy the idea is to create something unconventional away from traditional styling. This may involve some very bold and bright colours, with exaggerated prints coz there are no rules for what to wear or not, one is free to fully express themselves hence encourages experiments.

Feminine is characterized by pastel colors, lace, flounces, bows and floral. consists of flattering feminine silhouettes such as A-line dresses or waistcoats, skirts, I would say its a very simple style to put on.

Style speaks and with that be yourself for us to understand your wordless speech!

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 What comes to mind at first is; what is Fashion, Style and then the million dollar question who Am I? that will ultimately give you the answer to today’s topic which I hope will/ might be helpful to knowing what’s the name of you style et cetera et cetera…

Most people or some people I’ve come across do admit that they give little or no shit about fashion or their style, that they simply don’t care about Fashion, but then you stop and think do they walk naked? don’t they have a certain taste in music, food, behavior, amongst other social aspects of man? 

Man is a social being hence there’s the need to belong, one way or another we tend to strive to belong to certain practices, groups or behaviors. This doesn’t leave clothing out of the picture its a way of life hence fashion comes to picture, just like music genre, we have different fashion trends and fashion styles; which I will talk about another day. Surprisingly we all have somewhere we belong to if not at all.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

To begin with: Fashion is all about dressing according to what’s fashionable๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚as in its a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair decoration, or behavior name it. As for style it is more about you being yourself as Oscar de la Renta puts it; style is owned by one self its uniquely yours, and you choose what to take or not to. 

We then narrow down to defining ‘yourself” who are you, what are your values and principles, what you do and whom are your associates and what trends tend to excite you. These are a few questions that might help get you there. We all have a niche which we tend to belong to if not at all subscribe to it fully.

How would I precisely describe my style? It’s adventurous and natural. I am madly in love with Bohomenia, African and Vintage style; I prescribe to unique, classy and timeless fashion trends๐Ÿ˜Š. Let me take you through how I come to this conclusion;(i) I am an artist who is madly in love with culture and print patterns, all prints from animal prints to floral to striped to polar dots, name them I especially love versace for its print, the vintage prints this is such a general one though. Vintage keeps me at par with history๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜at least that’s what I feel, its classy and timeless, this itself promotes creativity while originality is maintained. A close ally of this, is the Retro-vintage often confused with vintage. I’m a printmaker and I look forward to expanding in this area.

Culture thrills me especially African art.(ii)My friends influence my fashion style I wont even lie๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I would fondly term it as positive, its the right influence, that’s valuable for instance Madore and Abby’s love for African style drew my attention more into African culture especially the Music, take for instance I never had a liking for afro pop music till I met them. My big sis also a huge fun of African Arts and style.

For Bohomenia style its inspired by the lifestyle of free and hippies of the 1960’s and 1970′: the aesthetic and festival culture. It incorporates earth tones, natural fabric especially woven items and dye. Nature is our sustaining factor therefore it goes without question I love nature and this style is one which connects me to nature.

As stated earlier we all have a niche we belong to and we might find ourselves in more than two, but we don’t have to fully subscribe to a particular style, we incorporate what we want to a style, this is creativity; we simply choose what we will take and not to, this is what brings uniqueness๐Ÿ˜Šin our style but never shy away from going out of your comfort once or twice its healthy! Billie Eilish surprised her funs when she decided to spice up her usual wardrobe are prone to considering our insecurities but think of it like this, are they things we can change? and how? if its a no, let’s learn how to positively embrace our real bodies. To conclude this article, I believe in individuality do you at all cost, if you are feeling good then who cares! lol. Hope it helped.๐Ÿ’‹

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